International Clinic of Neuropsychology

The clinic provides psychological psychotherapy treatment and counseling to address the social, emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs of yourself or loved ones. We also provide cognitive rehabilitation to give tips and tricks for an individual to overcome some cognitive difficulties.



Treatment is provided in a setting that ensures confidentiality is maintained. Therapy or counseling is available to individuals, families and couples in person, online and via telephone.

Cognitive rehabilitation

IC-Neuro also offers a wide range of neuropsychological intervention and cognitive rehabilitation. With cognitive rehabilitation, the aim is to give the individual tools, techniques, tricks, and self-control to improve success and quality of life. This works especially well for ADHD, excutive functions, impulsivity difficulties or emotional regulation.

Unlike psychological treatment, cognitive rehabilitation is a short treatment plan. It is an intensive program to give the individual empowerment on its own life. This is a well-documented positive factor in a more successful and fulfilling life, despite known limitations.

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